Welcome to <b>Word Fever</b>! We have fantastic gaming magic to not only can relaxing in spare time but also test your brain. Still looking for an IQ training experience that includes word connect game & word puzzle game? Download & play <b>Word Fever</b> now, challenge yourself to connect letters and find as many hidden words as you can! In <b>Word Fever</b>, instead of a complete word, you see random letters that will be the key to solving the problem. Time to test your vocabulary skills! Can you find the right combination from these disconnected letter clues? Then hold & drag with your finger to connect to the right word? Easy? No, no, it's not that simple. Sometimes a word pops into your head, but you can't solve this puzzle with it because there aren't enough letters to connect... Use your wits to solve the puzzles one by one and join this word puzzle adventure! What's better than learning new words and improving your vocabulary while playing a mobile game? <b>What can you find in Word Fever?</b> <b>Become Word Masters</b> Time to test how many words you know. Is there a possibility that your vocabulary isn't as large as you think? Of course, not necessarily, maybe you are the vocabulary master we are looking for. Easy yet challenging, these puzzles will not only test your word recognition skills, but also your ability to write words. Why don't you hurry up & join the battle of our vocabulary masters? <b>Unlock hidden words</b> Even true word masters are not guaranteed to know all the words. Isn't simple word connections enough? We're offering a very challenging cross-play here. Download <b>Word Fever</b>now, master simple vocabulary, continue to challenge the next higher level, you will unlock some rare words that are very rare in daily life. <b>How to play Word Fever?</b> - No paper, no pen, just one hand. - Hold to control, drag to connect! - No WIFI! No Internet! Puzzle word games are also available offline. - Challenge your vocabulary to follow letter clues and connect words. - You will also learn some letters from other answers. - You can spell out your first choice, or think of more words. Just move your smart brain. <b>How do you feel in Word Fever?</b> - Addictive word puzzle game with endless word connecting fun for all ages anytime, anywhere! Totally free! - Massive letter connection, word connection games are waiting for you to play, and the words are constantly added. - Find all the hidden words, fun challenges and a bigger vocabulary. - Easy & fun, but hard to master! Challenge your brain, perfect for leisure time.


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